Protos Max V2 Evoluzione Leggero with Brain2 Kit - 700, 770, or 800 in Green, Red, or Yellow]

Protos Max V2 Evoluzione Leggero with Brain2 Kit

The Protos Evoluzione Leggero leverages the industries most robust and technologically advanced platform, but removes a staggering 310g from the Max Evoluzione design.  The end result is an unmatched experience in light weight performance yet incredible strength. The Max Evoluxzione Leggero is ready to elevate your hobby to new heights of performance and fun. 

The Protos Max Evoluzione Leggero comes in 700, 770, and 800 size configurations.  Now it's possible to build an incredibly robust and light weight machine in three fully optimized size configurations.   Able to suit any possible setup or flying style. Want 8 minute lightly loaded flights?  Or visceral heart pounding action?  The Protos Max Evoluzione is the ideal machine for any setup. With stunning looks, visibility, and the most technologically advanced airframe design on the market.

Features new to the lightweight Leggero edition of Evoluzione:

  • Updated super lightweight bottom frame (changed from Ultralight)
  • Lightweight "Gorilla" landing gear included.  Gorilla gear take abuse, and are nearly indestructible
  • Lightweight battery tray
  • Lightweight main gear
  • Lightweight front tail pulley
  • Main shaft modified for reduced weight
  • Lightweight aluminum motor pulley
  • Industry leading magnetic canopy mounts
  • Innovative gear-less  twin belt design. Ultra robust.  Ultra quiet. Ultra efficient. 
  • Tail belt auto tensioner using a full spring implementation for extreme durability and consistency. 
  • Large rear tail pulley to dramatically improve tail authority and belt life
  • Compact all metal head design with integrated pitch reference.  Capable of handling extreme loads in an 700/770/800 configuration.
  • Ultimate tail holding power and ease of tuning with a 4.8 ratio and mechanics to handle 115mm tail blades at high RPM
  • Brain2 Flybarless System included.  Ground breaking performance, tuned by some of the most technically minded pilots in the world. Ultra simple wizard for setup.Full telemetry, logging and rescue  capability.
  • Matching tail fin sticker included 

Recommended light weight 700 competition ready configuration:

Approximate RTF weight: 12.1lb

Recommended light weight 770 or 800 12s configuration:

Approximate RTF weight: 12.6lb

Recommended ultimate power (insane power, ultra light loading) 770 or 800 14s configuration:

  • Motor: Xnova Tareq 50XX-450kV or 4535-460kV
  • ESC: Hobbywing 160A with integrated BEC
  • Servos: Xpert R2 cyclic, Xpert R2T tail
  • Batteries:14s 4500mah or 5000mah
  • Blades: Up to 786mm for 770, 830mm for 800
  • Tail blades: 115mm

Approximate RTF weight: 13lb

The Evoluzione canopy utilizes the powerful quick mount canopy magnets, while also integrating 2 more hidden magnets and alignment pins to perfectly match up the rear of the canopy on every flight.  The canopy maintains easy installation with the blind mate canopy magnet system. The streamlined styling improves visibility and enhances the aerodynamics of the model in forward and backwards flight.

The Evoluzione boom is a ground breaking new design that sets new limits on what's possible.  Light, strong, and completely unique in design, functional art is the best description for the Evoluzione boom.  The boom does not require boom supports and gives the Evoluzione a very streamlined look.

 Max Evoluzione Leggero Manual

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